Third Story Re-Paint, Lancaster; The Importance of Primer

Primer is an important component of every paint job. It’s just as important as the paint itself. There are different primers for different applications and they can vary in price. For this particular job, two different primers were necessary. There were a lot of wood knots bleeding thru several layers of old paint on the woodwork and on the beams. To keep the knots from continuing to bleed through the new paint, Zinsser Odorless Oil Stain Blocking Primer was used. This is a fantastic product. It dries quickly and has the least amount of smell of any oil primer. It provides a great surface to apply the latex semi-gloss to. There was also a good bit of drywall patching that needed to be done before the paint job could be started. Once the patches were dry and then sanded, Benjamin Moore Fresh Start was applied. This primer will keep the patches from “flashing” through the new paint. Many painters will simply paint over drywall patches without priming them. If you are having someone repaint some drywall patches, always ask them if they plan on priming the patch first. If they don’t plan on it, insist on it, even at the extra cost. It creates a much better final paint job.

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