How to Paint Azek


Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint

Azek and similar products are a great alternative to exterior wood. Azek is marketed as a no maintenance product; however it is best if Azek is painted. Cleaning and general maintenance will be smoother and easier if it is painted. I’ll do my best to keep this simple.

1. Clean the Azek surface thoroughly.

2. Scuff the Azek surface with sandpaper – I prefer 150 grit.

3. Fill any screw holes and caulk any transitions with an exterior Silicone caulk. This may take several hours to dry. Sand filler on holes to level.

4. Dust the Azek surface with a damp rag and allow to dry.

5. Prime the Azek with 100% acrylic exterior primer. My preference is Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer. It is an excellent product and will adhere wonderfully to the Azek surface.

6. Finish coat. Use a durable, high quality exterior paint. My preference is Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior (pictured). Always apply at least 2 coats for an even finish. Lightly sand the first coat with 150 or 180 grit paper before applying the second coat. It is likely in your best interest to NOT purchase paint from Lowe’s or Home Depot (Valspar or Behr Brands). These may be inexpensive but you get what you pay for.


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