Drywall Remodel & Paint in Lancaster City ; Apartments at Mulberry Social


This project was really fun. Above the new restaurant, Mulberry Social at the corner of James and Mulberry in the West End of Lancaster City, there are seven remodeled apartments. We were hired to do the drywall in all seven and to repaint several of them. Above, you can see some before, during and after photos while the project was in progress. We are really proud of this one.

There were over 60 sheets of 1/4″ drywall that we laid over very thick old texture & old paneling from the 70s or 80s to help create a new and modern feel. Other areas were either skimmed off or 1/2″ drywall was added to various ceilings and new walls. For the painting, we used Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore on all surfaces. The woodwork was painted with high quality & durable Aura Semi-gloss.

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