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About Us

Family-Owned Lancaster PA Painting Company

Excellence in every brush stroke

High quality work with premium results

We are a family-owned Lancaster PA painting company operated by a father-son duo. Dedicated to meticulous, high-quality paint jobs that deliver premium results, we take pride in everything we do. It is our understanding that beautiful spaces are essential to the modern home. With a degree in art and design, owner David Schrott understands the complexities of light, color and texture and will work with you to maximize the full beauty of your living space. In addition to that, we are perfectionists. Your home is an investment and so is everything in it. Your home will be treated with utmost care and concern, as if it was our very own. We cover all pieces of furniture, floor spaces and anything else of value. And every day clean up is a part of our regular routine. It is our mission to go above and beyond all possible expectations; from the hight quality paints we use to impeccable cleanliness, it is imperative that we leave your house more beautiful than it was before we arrived.

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Our Services

Family-Owned Lancaster PA Painting Company - Schrott Painting

First and foremost, we are highly skilled craftsmen. We specialize in interior custom painting and are dedicated to high quality paint jobs to maximize the beauty of your home.

Additionally, prior to tackling the painting business, we were drywallers. And no drywall job is too big or too small for us to take on. Having a drywall background sets us apart from many other painters. Why? Because we understand how the drywall surface affects the finished paint job. For any paint job that needs patching or repair, we offer high quality drywall work to prepare the surface to receive that beautiful, fresh coat of paint.

General Contracting
We also offer light carpentry, power washing, exterior paint and deck staining. We frequently manage projects that are more than just painting and we work with experienced, professional and meticulous contractors in other specialties to complete the task at hand and in a timely manner.

The Process

Because we are a family-owned company, we understand the importance of your home and its atmosphere. When we come to your home we come with the understanding that it is your most valuable asset and should be treated as such. The drop cloths come in first! We cover the floors, move the furniture and tape and drape plastic wherever necessary. After your valuables have been protected, the preparation process begins. Old cracked caulk is cut out and re-caulked, nail holes, bumps and dents are filled in and the walls are sanded lightly with a sand pole to take down any imperfections abiding just under the surface of the old paint as well as to make the wall receptive to the new paint. Once those things are finished, we are finally able to begin painting. Most times, two coats are necessary and not one square inch will get away without being completely covered in new paint. After each day, we spend about an hour cleaning up and preparing for the next day. When the job is completely finished, you might think you hired a cleaning service. It is our goal to leave the house/room cleaner than we found it. It is imperative to us to make you feel that your home is in good hands. Trust is extremely important between homeowner and contractor and every effort on our part is made to secure it.

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Proud family-owned Lancaster PA painting company serving Central PA, Lancaster, and surrounding communities.

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